Healthcare Training

Basic Life Support

In the fast-paced life of today, we are vulnerable to heart problems. Studies say that a first responder CPR improves the survival rate of a cardiac arrest victim by two folds.

Our basic life support (CPR) training sessions are focused on training the common man, who could become the first responder if the need arises and save a life. The trainings are taken by experts, with hands-on sessions.

Basic Life Support

First Aid

With corporates in the backdrop, improved work-life balance with a healthy working environment is a mandate. In an attempt to hail this, we, at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services offer our first aid training that is customisable as per the corporate requirements.

Our training for emergency aid includes individuals to derive a better understanding of –

  • The role of a first aider.
  • The management of choking.
  • Instructor ratio.
  • Principles of basic life support.
  • Managing medical emergencies as a first responder.

With such a comprehensive knowledge of the training, individuals are better prepared for any medical emergencies. Our expertise in the same is substantiated with our awards and satisfied clients across the globe.

With access to such holistic medical training courses, as corporates, could you ask for more? Contact us today for affordable packages!

first aid

Medical Response Team Training

While corporates hail the phrase ‘teamwork’ and build upon its essence, at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services, we boost such endeavors with our medical response team training. Offering expert-supervised training sessions to the corporates, we strive to ensure that they can meet up with their emergency healthcare requirements.

Such training builds upon the teamwork spirit and also emphasizes on the corporates work-life ethics. With this, we also stress on trauma-related trainings which are a common occurrence due to the stressed-out work environment.

Thanks to our expert crew with years of experience in the field, our success rate is one to boast about. So why the wait? Join us today and ensure a positive vibe at your workplace!

Medical Response Team