Preventive Care

Heart Health

While cardiac issues continue to grow across the globe, individuals and corporates are both in dire requirement of heart health talks. Catering to this demand, we at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services offer doorstep check-up services for both individuals and corporates.

Expert experience with addressing the health of individuals, we keep in focus 4 aspects –

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Risk factor mitigation
  • Preventive diagnosis

Women's Health

Bridging gender gaps in the corporate realm continues to gain ground, and a highlighted focus on women health plays a crucial role. While women strengthen their professional roots and pose as trailblazers, the diversified role that they play takes a toll on their health.

Taking up this cue, we, at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services offer focused women’s health talk that is featured by –

  • Supervised by pros in the field
  • Particular emphasis on gynecological, and bone health
  • Promoting a holistic ‘well-being.’

Our sessions are interactive and aimed to enlighten the community about the symptoms, preventive measures, and a listed out schedule of lifestyle choices.

With the success rate touching the zenith, our sessions might be the best alternative to boost your productivity and ensure job satisfaction!

Cancer Awareness

As per predictions, as India continues to age, the number of cancer cases with continues to double every 20 years. Taking into account the fact that if spotted at an earlier stage, it is treatable, at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services, we offer cancer awareness talks.

Our talks are specially tailored for corporates considering that they aim to –

a) Educate employees about :
– Risk factors of cancer
– Symptoms of cancer

b) Help employees understand the importance of making the right lifestyle choices to mitigate the risks of cancer.

c) Go for periodic health check-ups.

Increasing cases of cancer coupled with limited awareness to the same make it a priority to avail our sessions and, in turn, showcase your token of appreciation for your employees!

Adult Vaccination

Among emphasis on infant vaccination, adult vaccination continues to lose ground despite its importance in India. Countering this neglect, at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services, we offer vaccination talks for adults.

One of the prime focuses of this talk is the importance of vaccination to –

a. Minimize mortality

b. Mitigate morbidity

c. Battle with disability

-caused due to pathogens and infections that prove fatal in more than 25% of cases.

Experts,with years of experience behind them, supervise our talks, and their eloquent interactive session is effective in increasing the productivity of an enterprise and reducing the financial burden of treatment.

With a scope at showcasing employment-appreciation paired with the affordability factor – what are you still waiting for?

Healthy Life

With an increased number of sick/medical leaves taken by employees, productivity is undoubtedly at risk. One way to battle this is availing our healthy life talks from Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services.

Expert-supervised talks that are customized as per requirement is our USP. Pair this with our interactive sessions that talk about maintaining overall well-being, taking into account –

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Sexual
  • Psycho-social


Reach out to us for empowering information equipped with real health-promoting tips for altering your daily lives!

Add-ons for such talks involve –

a. Diet consultants

b. Physical experts

c. Counselors

d. Psychotherapists, and more.

To ensure that you are fit and ready to take on the world, your one-stop solution to overall ‘well-being’ is here!

Lifestyle Management

The sedentary lifestyle choices of individuals continue to take a toll on the physical, mental, and spiritual health of all. Taking a cue from the affected productivity at the workplace, we, at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services offer our prolific lifestyle management workshops.

Such sessions come with –

  • Tips to fitness
  • Nutrition and healthy eating habits
  • strategies for stressing less
  • Healthy-but-easy-and-tasty recipes
  • Smart snacking ideas
  • Goal setting and motivation, etc.

The fruitfulness of such workshops can be attributed to our pros who supervise these. Their years of experience, the ability to offer tailor-made solutions, and dedicated endeavours to improve the quality of life for individuals acts up to the results.

Approach to ensure a healthy, productive, and better-inspired team today!

Stress Mitigation

Approximate 82% of Indians suffer from stress.
– Finance,
– Health and
– Professional Issues

– ravage through their minds; thereby shooting their stress level, to beyond a manageable position.

Thanks to stress mitigation workshops organised by Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services, such strains can be put under reins now. We follow –

Step 1: Understand the impact of stress on – an employee, an organization.

Step 2: Detect the cause of stress.

Step 3: Offer workshops that are tailor-made for the organization.

As a respite we –

  • Address the stress-sources
  • Arrange training programs
  • Organize wellness initiatives and programs

Such strategic approaches headed by pros, and substantiated by innumerable awards are your best solution in a stressed corporate world, what are you waiting for?

Sexual Health

Thanks to the taboo associated with sex and sexuality, sexual health remains the most neglected. Whereas, India being a youth-dominated nation, should priorities the topic.

However, considering the undeniable role that sexual wellness plays in the overall well-being of an individual, at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services, we offer workshops on the same.

Headed by pros in the team, it lays focus on –

a) Sexual fantasies/preferences

b) Women sexual preferences

c) Post-pregnancy sexual health

d) Performance-related anxiety, etc.

Considering that sexual well-being is a significant inclusion in the overall well-being of an individual, we offer a particular focus on the same. Furthermore, knowing the kind of impact that personal health has on professional productivity, organising such workshops is no longer an option, but a necessity.
Still waiting? Contact us today!


With an increase in the health issues among men owing to a high level of stress in the professional field, multiple ailments are on the rise. Consequently, at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services, our male health checkslay particular emphasis on the male medical requirements and include a tailor-made list of tests.

Such health check-ups are essential to ensure a long and healthy life that proves productive in the personal and professional front.

Our medical assistance, in this case, is substantially effective considering that it provides tips from experts, planned out diets, charted out routine physical exercises, etc.

With such a vast buffet of affordable health check-up options, we await your call!


Balancing the personal and professional aspects of life and maintaining at par quality of both often takes a toll on the health of women. While this is a challenging aspect to meet, the female health checks offered by Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services caters to such issues.

Our experts are familiar with the increasing cases of gynecological and bone-related ailments that are prevalent among 35+ women. It is coupled with increased negligence towards checks ups for breast and ovarian cancer too.

Catering to this, we offer check-ups that are affordable and ensure the holistic well-being of women. Headed by a team of pros, dietitians, professional fitness experts, from weight loss to cardiac issues, from physical to emotional well-being – we cover all.

Show your women employees a token of appreciation, organised a health check-up tailor-made for their medical requirements!

Tailor-made / Customized

At Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services, we pride ourselves with the extent of customized healthcare services that we provide. Catering to all age groups, and gender, our medical facilities do not compromise with the quality of care provided.

Our experts acknowledge the growing need for frequent check-ups owing to the sedentary lifestyle choices, eating habits, excessive stress, insomnia, etc. Additionally, our crew, who have years of experience behind them, also offer a tailor-made list of tests.

To promote overall well-being, we offer all individuals with a package of customized medical service that ensures their elevated living standards owing to improved physical, mental, emotional, sexual and psycho-social well-being.

Such assured holistic health, at affordable charges – could you have asked for more?

Stress Mitigation

While stress keeps getting hailed for being the primary cause of a majority of ailments including –

  • Heart attack
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety, etc.

– stress mitigation sessions from Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services are a mandate. Catering to the requirement of all, we offer outbound anxiety mitigation courses, intending to let the outdoor scenario have an impact on the mental health of individuals.

Our group of professional experts, plan these outbound workshops to increase communication, acknowledge the stress points, and guide them into dealing with the same. A team outing, stress mitigation – both promoting enhanced productivity and quality team bonding – isn’t that what every organisation wants? Reach out for affordable packages today!

Group Discussion

Acknowledging the significance of the power of collaboration to enhance teamwork remains the key to increase quality productivity. In this endeavor group discussion sessions offered by Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services prove to be of considerable help.

Discussions of the point of stress, challenges faced, personal and professional problems – all offers clarity in a team. Laying down the points of weakness strengthens the bond among employees, in turn boosting the efficiency and quality of teamwork.

Such professional well-being has a significant impact on one’s personal, emotional and psych-social well-being – all of which contribute to the holistic health of an individual.

Headed by a crew of experts and numerous awards to boast – we await your arrival!