About Us

Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services, was founded keeping in mind the overall wellbeing of a person.

The word “Sirius” is derived from Greek word Seirios which means glowing. The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius aims to fill lives with warmth and glow. Likewise, we at Sirius Wellness & Outreach Medical Services aim to bring positive changes in all lives we touch.

We strongly believe the quality of life of a person should not be measured by him/her being physically fit but a holistic approach to wellness should be adapted to. To strike this balance, we bring to you under one roof, a Multispecialty Clinic with compassionate and senior doctors, Counselling and Wellness centre backed up by experts and specialists. In addition to these, tailor-made health talks, group discussions, outbound wellness activities and training sessions of lifestyle and health sciences are few feathers in our hat.

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We firmly believe in ‘wellness for everyone’. Contact us for any queries and get a consutation.

Nice and calm place, on time check up and well examined the issue. Comforting and welcoming staff extremely professional

Anita Prabhu

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